Desert Safari and sand dune Bashing tours ar on the high of the list of things to try to to in Dubai. Ask anyone UN agency has been there, and they’ll tell you it is the foremost fun you’ll have within the desert.

Most tour operators offer comparatively the same expertise albeit at completely different costs. It is the skill of the drivers, the insurance and the campsite facilities that differentiate them. Prices vary therefore it helps to look on the web and raise your caretaker for a recommendation.

Dubai Desert campaign

The afternoon Desert Safari and sand dune Bashing with a BBQ dinner is the hottest excursion. There are day visits to the desert however these will be uncomfortable owing to the warmth which may reach up to fifty five degrees Centigrade. There are conjointly night tours with associate degree nightlong keep within the desert which can not be plenty of fun however not too convenient to several guests.

Our review of the Dubai Desert campaign and sand dune Bashing covers the tour in detail. There are several images to cater you and provide you an inspiration of what the campaign entails.

At the time of booking, you will be a lot of data and asked if you have got a medical condition that forbids you from taking the tour. In this article, we’re sharing our top tips based mostly on our expertise with Planet Tours and Safaris, the tour operator recommended by our edifice, Le Méridien myna Seyahi.

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Essential Tips for Your Dubai Desert campaign

  1. The tour takes approximately six hours. It starts around 3.00 pm with pick up from the edifice and ends around ten.00 pm back at the hotel.
  1. Have a light and early lunch, nothing that is likely to upset your abdomen. It is best to not eat an excessive amount of or drink plenty of water before as dune bashing is incredibly unsmooth and may create some folks feel vile.

Dubai Desert campaign

  1. Bring a hat, sunglasses, a camera and a video camera if you wish.
  1. Bring some cash and a credit card. You may want them for water/snack at the comfort stop, the souvenir look and if you decide to shop for photo/video from the official creative person.
  1. Wear comfortable and loose article of clothing. Unlike elsewhere in Dubai, you will be only within the company of alternative tourists and modest article of clothing isn’t necessary. Shorts and thin strap ace ar acceptable for ladies. Men can conjointly wear shorts. I wore a lightweight high with linen trousers that I found to be comfy and funky.


The temperature within the desert may be a little below town and drops by many degrees in the evening. I took a lightweight cardigan with ME however it wasn’t necessary (October).

  1. As you will be entering into and out of the vehicle often and onto the sand, open shoes, thongs (flip flops) or sandals are desirable to socks and sneakers. The sand is so fine that it gets all over within your shoes.

There is no got to bring water with you as there’ll be a comfort stop before dune bashing starts Dubai Desert Trips in 2017

  1. wherever you’ll purchase refreshments and snacks.
  1. The location of the desert isn’t as remote as you will expect. It takes roughly 45 minutes from central Dubai to reach the sand dunes however don’t let this place you off the expertise.
  1. The 4WD drivers ar extremely virtuoso and in good management of the vehicles therefore there is no want for concern. We had high praise for our driver’s skills on the sand dunes no matter however steep the ride was.

Dubai Desert Trips in 2017

  1. When you attain the land site, secure a good spot by the flooring before you partake in alternative activities, particularly if you return with an outsized cluster.
  1. You will be some free time at the land site before the BBQ dinner is served. There are many activities and you could not have enough time to try to to all of them. These include: drinks at the bar (note: alcohol is at an further cost), henna tattoos, camel rides, Arabic coffee and dates, smoking an apple hubbly-bubbly, taking photographs, dressing up in traditional article of clothing.
  1. If you’d like to ride a camel, do it sooner instead of later as there was nobody around after the initial rush after we arrived.
  1. Tempted as you may be to shop for souvenirs from the land site, (they even take American specific and will swipe your card within the desert!), the mark up price is direful. We found similar things in the Mall of the Emirates for fewer than 0.5 worth. Beware of offers of sand-filled bottles personalized together with your names. They rarely check the sample they show you. Don’t give them your name(s) unless you ar willing to shop for otherwise you could end up pressured to form a procurement like one couple in our cluster.

Dubai Desert Trips in 2017

  1. The Bedouin land site with its trendy look and amenities could not feel authentic. Don’t overthink it. You are in Dubai. You are within the desert. There is most around you to enjoy.
  1. Desert Safaris are a ton of fun and price dedicating your afternoon and getting dark in Dubai. Just leave yourself in the hands of your virtuoso driver, enjoy the Arabic welcome and go on for the ride.

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